G'Day Mates!

G’Day! Welcome Friends!

I am a wanderer, oftentimes aimless. My mind wanders, my feet wander, my spirit wanders. I’m always in search of something new, something exciting. Many times I find it, sometimes I don’t. But the journey is almost always exciting.

I’m a twenty-six seven eight year old girl (it’s too weird to call myself “woman”. I haven’t accepted adulthood yet.) who has, how do I put this bluntly, done a lot of dumb things in her life. I have fallen more times than I should but I always, somehow, get back up.

I am a gypsy in my mind, body and soul. Restless. A big dreamer. Curious. Eager.

This is my journey in all things me. I’m usually quite sarcastic and witty. I’m not a big talker but when I do talk it’s usually a witty comment or a sarcastic quip. I like it that way. It makes me appear mysterious. Or weird. Either way, it’s who I am. This blog is my way of talking. I write better than I speak. I’ve been known to write letters rather than have heart to hearts or arguments with people. It’s just how I roll. I need time to process before I discuss or argue. Writing allows that processing to take place.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy your stay. I suck at closing paragraphs.

Welcome to my world.

– gypsyjess.


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