[list in progress.]

In Progress


  • Visit the Pyramids of Egypt.
  • Go camping in the Alaskan wilderness.
  • Drive over 100mph.
  • Climb a mountain. [Bavarian Alps, July 2011]
  • Give an anonymous monetary gift to someone in need.
  • Run a 5k. [Thanksgiving 2011]
  • Run a 10k.
  • Compete in a Triathlon.
  • Learn to click my heels while jumping in the air. [1-12-11]
  • Write a novel.
  • Write a screenplay.
  • Go through a form of military boot camp.
  • Sell a photograph.
  • Visit every state in the US. [NY, PA, OH, IN, IL, MI, WV, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, KY, TN, AL, MS, LA, MN]
  • Flip a house.
  • Give a speech in front of 100+ people.
  • “Save” someone’s life.
  • Conquer a fear. [Heights – Summer 2011, climbed down an 8,000ft mountain]
  • Open a coffee shop/art gallery.
  • Graduate college. [May 21, 2011!!!!!!!!!!]
  • Get my Master’s degree.
  • Pay off all my debts.
  • Fall in love.
  • Get married.
  • Have a family.
  • Become a grandmother.
  • Live long enough to become a great-grandmother.
  • Visit the towns/villages my ancestors lived in. [Started Summer 2011 in Germany]
  • Shoot a pistol. [March 2013 – passed my CCW test with flying colours, err…bullets?]
  • Learn to dance.
  • Start my own business.
  • Go on an RV trip across the US.
  • Visit Antarctica.
  • Visit all 7 wonders of the ancient world.
  • Go scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef.
  • Invent something
  • Travel through Europe [Germany & Austria, June-July 2011]
  • Become a High School Social Studies Teacher.
  • Become a Professor.
  • Go toilet papering.
  • Learn all of the lyrics to R.E.M.’s It’s the end of the World.
  • Go on a bike tour to raise money/awareness for a really awesome charity.

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