if this doesn’t motivate you to cycle, nothing will.

this is how I felt in Georgia.

– gypsyjess.




I am in love with this book.

I’m still on chapter one but it rocks so far.

I’m so excited to tell you all about it!

I promise I will try my best to finish this chapter soon so I can post about it.

– gypsyjess.


I made it home safely from Georgia. I’m sure you were all worried.

Here is a photo-log of my trip there:

“Good bye Ohio!”

Hello, Kentucky!

Best part about road trips: JUNK FOOD!

I fell in love with Ale8 while I was attending college in KY. I’ve missed it.

Are you from Tennessee? Cuz you’re the only Ten-I-See!

This is my “I’m-sad-and-lonely-and-sick-of-driving-all-alone” face.


My visit was wonderful. I spent most of the time cuddling a teeny tiny babe (when I say teeny tiny, I mean teeny tiny. At 1 month she is just over 7lbs. Babies in my family don’t come this small!). It was perfection.

I also hit up my favourite food joints that I was introduced to last year. I was going to take photos of the delicious food but I ate it all before I remembered. I did however, take a photo of the giant pizza we got.

That’s a 30-inch pizza!

It’s from a place called “Big Pie in the Sky”. It was featured on Man vs. Food: Atlanta. Food won.

It was great just relaxing and spending time with my Friend. I’ve missed her. We reminisced about college, had a few slap-happy laugh fests, and spent an entire day watching Disney Original/Princess movies. A tradition we started many years ago. Besides Emma, she’s the only person I watch them with. It was wonderful.

Here are a few pictures of the beautiful Miss Autumn:

Snug as a bug in her carseat.

Snuggling with her new best friend. Me.

Good Morning Cuteness!

So little. So perfect.

So. Much. Hair.


I gave her a mohawk. Mama bear was not happy with me.

Autumn thought it was cool.

Best Friends!

She would pull her bow over her eyes a lot when she slept. It was funny.

Goodbye, Jessi. I’ll miss you!

Isn’t she adorable?

I miss her already. I won’t see her again until the end of October!

Oh I almost forgot. Here’s a picture of the lovely gift Autumn gave me:

Mmm…nothing like a shirt full of puke.

She’s so thoughtful.

I also tried biking while I was there.

If you’ve ever been to Georgia you know it’s nothing like Ohio. Ohio is flat. Georgia is not. My house is surrounded by flat fields full of corn and soybeans. Tricia’s house is surrounded by mountains.

I rode for a mere 8 minutes and made it halfway up two separate hills before I called it quits. Mind you, these hills were quite steep. I’m no geometrist, but I’d say there were at least 90 degrees. Maybe more. I could have maybe made them up the whole way if I were going faster but I’m not very comfortable going above 25mph on my bike and going down those steep hills, you get to going pretty fast. I’m pretty sure my brake pads were smoking by the time I hit the bottom. I started up the hill with only about 15mph of oomph to get me up it. Which was no where near enough. It was rough.

I felt like an idiot. All these nice Southern people waving at me and I’m huffing and struggling to pedal up these hills. Face red and full of sweat. Curses forming under my breath.


Big. Epic. Fail.

But hey, at least I tried and I know next year at this time, I WILL be able to get up those hills.

Thanks to this little book I’m reading.

More on that later. Hopefully I can finish chapter 1 (I’ve been a bit busy lately with babies, driving, and eating giant pizzas) tomorrow.

Until then, night ya’ll!


– gypsyjess.

P.S. I fixed my car when I got home from my trip. It wasn’t broken but Coil #6 was getting a bit old and needed replaced. I got a socket wrench set for my birthday from this really neat company. I decided to try them out. I’m so handy.

Here’s a shout out to Tomboy Tools!

P.S.S./P.P.S. While driving home from Georgia I passed a semi that had piglets as cargo. One in particular was feeling quite desperate:


So today I splurged on myself. But it’s a splurge that I know I won’t regret (like I usually do) because I will get a lot of use out of it AND it will help me get in shape and cycle better!



Aren’t they beautiful!

Now I just need to figure out how to put the clips in them and use them without killing myself! I’ve heard horror stories of people falling many times and with as clumsy as I am…*gulp*.

Now I feel like a “real” cyclist. Move over Bradley Wiggins!

Just kidding. I will never be as good as him! Nor would I want to. I’m not that dedicated.

In other news, my foot still hurts. Surprise. My friend thinks I may have fractured my toe. She told me to go get it x-rayed and checked out. I asked her what the doctor would do if it were fractured. She said they’d tell you to rest it and probably put it in one of those really cool looking shoes. I told her I don’t have that kind of money to get some fancy picture of my foot taken and to be told something I already know.

Doctors are overrated sometimes.

So I “promised” her I wouldn’t cycle for a few days (which is torture) and I would try and prop it up as much as possible. Thankfully, because I nanny, I am able to sit on my butt a lot. With the exception of walking to Subway for lunch, we sat around and watched movies all day.

Random fact about myself. I have not been sick, with the exception of seasonal allergies and of course my stomach issues, since January 2011.

My secret?

I don’t load myself up with drugs at the slightest cough, I don’t use hand sanitizer every time I touch something, and I let myself be exposed to some germs/illness. My immune system is super tough. I substitute teach and a lot of my subbing is done in the Special Needs rooms. Special Needs kids = snotty noses and being sneezed on. A lot. Sounds gross but even spending an entire year being on a college campus and in the classroom, I am exposed to all kinds of sicknesses. None of which I have gotten.

I’m also German. Which means I’m super tough. And I’m Australian. Which means I’m super cool.

Moving on.

I am now going to go finish my brownie, listen to some new “The Killers” music, and figure out how to put my clips on my shoes.

Enjoy the following video of my new favourite “The Killers” song:

Auf wiedersehen und gute nacht!

– gypsyjess.


I had plans to ride from Marysville to Richwood today which would be about 30-32 miles round trip.

I made it to Richwood which was about 16 miles. Then my phone died.

I don’t like riding without some form of communication device. So while my phone had just enough juice to make an emergency text, I texted my mum. She and my dad drove to Richwood to meet me.

They found me riding about three miles outside Richwood. “I’ll finish these last three miles.” I said.

When I arrived in Richwood my dad said “I thought we’d be waiting around a lot longer than that for you!”

Thanks dad.

I made the three mile journey in about 15 minutes.

That’s a 5 minute mile (actually less than that because I had to stop briefly. I keep losing feeling in the pads of my feet when I cycle. All the more reason to get cycling shoes/clips!)

Take that dad!

Just kidding. Thanks mum and dad for rescuing me!

And thanks for dinner and icecream!

I will bid you Gute Nacht with this lovely McKayla Maroney “Not Impressed” Meme I made.

Sorry about the typo. I forgot the first “i” in reuniting. That’s what happens when you do things in a hurry! The grammar Nazi has failed!

– gypsyjess.


I just ordered this book online:

*gulp* Don’t hurt me too much, please Miss Yeager.

It should arrive within a few weeks.

I’m excited to start this program but also a bit apprehensive. I’ve read a few reviews on it and it seems pretty tough. The reviews I’ve read state that this workout program is for “fit chicks”. How fit are we talking here? Because I sort of linger between couch potato and Lance Armstrong. Leaning a bit toward couch potato. Okay, a lot towards couch potato. Then again, Lance Armstrong is a cycling freak. In a good way of course.

I really am serious about doing this charity bike tour. But in the shape I’m in now, riding only 10 miles a day, 6 days a week, is not going to get me any better. I need to push myself. However, to push myself I first need to find the right direction to push toward. This is where Miss Yeager comes in.

I want to get back into the shape and fitness level I was early on in college. Way back in 2003-2005. Actually, I would prefer to get better than that but first things first I suppose. I found this picture and decided to use it as a motivator:

I often bed surf. It’s fun. Try it.

(I apologize for the crappy quality. I haven’t hooked up my scanner yet so I had to use my cell phone) That’s what I look like when I run 7 miles a day and lift weights and do crunches and do pushups and have an undiagnosed stomach disorder that results in me not being able to eat 95% of what is served in the cafeteria and being too poor to buy good food.

Honestly, it’s not that entirely too far off from where I am now. Only about 40lbs or so. Which is totally doable, given the right motivator. Stomach disorder has been diagnosed and I have funds to purchase healthy foods so now all that is needed is the exercise.

Bring it.

I WILL get to a point where I can bike 30+ miles at one time in a reasonable amount of time.

“I know I can, I know I can, I know I can.” – The Little Engine That Could

And I will be sure to give you a post-by-post account of my journey with this book. The good, bad, and ugly. Nothing will be left out. Pinky promise.

– gypsyjess.