Meeting for the first time – April 17th, 2008.


“Arr…I’m a pirate!” (1 day old)


Gang signs?

4 (2)

Twins? (1 week)


So pensive (2 weeks).


Her first slumber party at Aunt Jessi’s! (1 month)


Midnight feedings wear us out (1 month).


Best buddies (2 months).

First smile caught on camera! (3 months)

First smile caught on camera! (3 months)

Six Month Photo Shoot!

Six Month Photo Shoot!


Bath time in the sink (6 months).


Pumpkin Festival! (6 months)


Big smile! (7 months)


FLORIDA (8 months)


First time at the beach (8 months).


8 months.

funny face! (11 months)

funny face! (11 months)

13 months.

13 months.


Buddies (14 months).


Posing with her two buddies, Jessie and Woody (2 years)


“Wuggerbee” (2 years).


Cool kid (2 years).


Posing with mannequins (2 years).


Snuggled in Aunt Jessi’s bed (2 years).


Coolest. Kid. Ever. (2 years)


Pretending to put on a “cattoo” (3 years).


She loves the “Buck-Buck Place” aka: Roosters (3 years).


Posing in Austria (3 years).


Posing by the Alps in Austria (3 years).


Running through the streets in Austria (3 years).


Dublin Irish Festival (3 years).


She dressed herself (3 years).

With her BFF at the Union County Fair (4 years).

With her BFF at the Union County Fair (4 years).


Our rugby faces (4 years).


Funny Faces (4 years).


New clothes! (4 years)


All ready to swim (4 years).


Funny faces (4 years).


Preschool Picture (4 years).

Little Bumblebee (4 years).

Little Bumblebee (4 years).


Silly faces with Uncle Josh (4 years).


ZOO! (4 years)


PUMBA! (4 years)





Monday was my first day of school. I have class on M W & F. So far so good. I’m taking 12 credits this semester. I was going to take 15 but I’m taking 3 history classes and 1 geography class. Which means a LOT of memorization. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself so I took it easy again.

“First day of school! First day of school!” – Nemo

Yesterday I was 15 minutes late to my first class. I hate being late. I always leave at the same time everyday. I allow myself 1hr and 15min to drive the 40min to Cbus. But due to construction and idiot drivers who can’t read simple road sides, I was late. My professor was cool about it much to my surprise and delight. I think I was more upset than he was.

I’m one of those weird, nerdy people who likes to be at least 10 minutes early to class. Mostly because I want a good seat.

In other news, I have the most adorable niece and nephew ever.

Don’t argue with me. I have proof.

Super Thomas!

I love her face. This is a classic Emma face. She get’s her awesomeness from her aunt. Of course.

I’m going up to visit them in a couple weeks. I miss them so much.

I just finished chapter 3 of the book!!!!!!


I apologize for not writing about it in detail yet. I’m trying to decide if I want to do a chapter by chapter review or do a topic by topic review. The first few chapters so far cover similar things which is why I’m debating.

I promise I will review soon! Don’t hate me!

I am an assistant coach for a volleyball team at the YMCA and tonight was our first practice.

My good friend coaches (coach’s???) her daughters team and needed an assistant. She chose me based on my expert experience in coaching. Or she just couldn’t find anyone else in such short notice…I prefer the first one. I mean, I do have like 8 years of coaching experience. Granted it’s in rugby. And with high schoolers. Not volleyball and 9 year olds. But still. Coaching is coaching. Right?

I prefer high schoolers. 9 year olds are crazy and loud and they don’t follow directions very well and I can’t just yell “go take a lap!” when they don’t listen to my instruction. It’s definitely going to be a challenge. But it’s a lot of fun so far. The kids are cute and they get so excited when they do something right. Lots of squealing and jumping up and down.

Wish me luck!

– gypsyjess.

P.S. I just realized, after reviewing my post, that I suck at transitions. I’m sorry. This is honestly how my brain thinks so bear with me. That is all.


Who has two thumbs and finally got internet?!

This ^ is Borat. Not gypsyjess.


Can I get a “what what”?

Okay, that’s enough of that.

Yea, it’s pretty exciting in my world this week. My niece is visiting for four days AND we got internet. Finally. Obviously I’m more excited about the niece visiting but internet is a close second. Smart phones are great and all but not for use as a computer 24/7. It get’s pretty old after awhile.

Don’t worry Droid, I still love you.

Nothing new to report really. I’m enjoying my summer break from college and subbing. I start back subbing mid August and start college August 27th.

My BFF is due soon with her first baby so sometime before I start back at college I will be taking a trip down to Atlanta to visit them. I will spend the next few weeks compiling a playlist of awesome songs to rock out to during the long trip. All 9 hours. Yikes. The longest solo road trip I have taken in my 11 years of driving. I’m a wee bit nervous.

I also successfully read an entire trilogy in less than a week. “50 Shades of Grey”. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Wow is all I can say. I started reading it out of utter curiosity. I wanted to know for myself what all the hype and scandal was about. I actually really liked the story line in it. Which was surprising because so many critics called it a waste of time and poorly written. I think neither is true. I quite liked it and am looking forward to the movies (which according to E.L. James’s website, has been approved).

I’ve starting cycling more which I love. I really missed it. I ride about 8-10 miles a day which takes me about 40 minutes to an hour depending on how fast I decide to go. I’d go further but my butt isn’t accustomed to the saddle yet. I figured if I add a mile or two every couple of days that should be good. Slow and steady wins the race right?

Other than that nothing is really that new in my life. Pretty low key and boring frankly. I need some excitement! I’m getting lame.


– gypsyjess.


Today I played rugby, or “wuggerbee”/”wubbery”, as Emma calls it.

It was just a fun game. SVWRFC vs. SVWRFC Alumni’s. Alumni’s lost.

It was fun to just muck about and have fun. It made me miss playing. Except the scrum. I loathe the scrum. I feel so evil and dirty saying that. As a prop I’m supposed to love the scrum and be all “WE OWN THE SCRUM! HOORAH!” But I’m not. When I hear the phrase “scrum down” I cringe.

Today I was able to play without scrumming. Much more enjoyable.

I should stop now before all my prop friends beat me up and so instead I will post videos and pictures of the beautiful game known as Rugby.

Enjoy my friends. Enjoy.

Freakin’ Awesome Rugby Commercial.

Of course no rugby post is complete without the All Blacks Haka.

The best way to play rugby. In the mud.

Illegal stiff-arm. Ouch.

Cool shot. Funny face.

That’s a little weird.


Here are some posters I made a few years back using pictures I took of some of my rugby girls (ignore the website).

Ya dig?

– gypsyjess.


My sister in law posted that my niece, Little Monkey, stated that she, after watching “Soul Surfer”, wanted to be a surfer. So I decided to draw her a picture.

I haven’t given it to her yet but next time I see her I will. I’m going to put it in a nice sparkly frame for her.

– gypsyjess.


My brother, sister-in-law and niece came to visit this weekend. To celebrate my brother and sister-in-law’s birthdays we went to Mongolian BBQ. During dinner Little Monkey stated she had an announcement to make. Her big announcement was…

“I’m going to be a big sister!”

Which means, I am an aunt again! I’m really excited though it’s a little bittersweet since I won’t be as close to this baby as I was/am with Little Monkey. However, I am still ecstatic! Yay for babies!

Mongolian BBQ has now become our Pregnancy Announcement Restaurant apparently since in August of 2007, while celebrating my 23rd birthday, it was announced that my sister-in-law was pregnant with Little Monkey.

So from now on, anytime someone suggests going to Mongolian BBQ we are all going to expect a pregnancy announcement.

I’m kind of hoping for a boy. Though I’ll be happy either way. Obviously. I can’t wait to see what he/she will look like!

Here’s Little Monkey shortly after birth.

I can’t believe how fast the past 3 1/2 years has gone.

– gypsyjess.


Upon seeing a large cluster of mushrooms in the grass:

“Wow! Wook at all da mushwooms! It’s like Mario!”

Upon stating that she is hungry and wants something to eat:

“I fink we should go eat somefing. At a west-o-want.”

Upon explaining the reasons why she didn’t water the flowers [after three days of constant rain]:

“I’m sorry I didn’t water da fwowers Oma. It was too swimey under da twee. But I did water da Gnomes.”


Upon explaining why I can’t get married:

“Because you aren’t old enough yet. You have to be at weast five to get mare-weed.”

Upon explaining why she needed to use my phone:

“Can I use your phone to check my email.”


– gypsyjess.


Today Little Monkey and I were driving home from the Balloon Festival. We began talking about church and how she was going to see all her friends tomorrow. We somehow got on the subject of one little boy in her class. This is how the conversation went:

Me: Did you know his mommy is going to have a baby?

Little Monkey: You mean at church? Will da baby be all cute and wittle and squishy? Awww. I can’t wait to see him!

Me: No, the baby won’t be born for a few more months because it’s not done growing yet.

Little Monkey: Well, when will it be done gwowing so I can see him?

Me: Not for a few more months, his mommy’s belly has to get really big first. Remember how Aunt ***’s belly got really big before her baby was born?

Little Monkey: Yes, but where does da baby come out fwom?

Me: [I freeze for only a moment or two] Where do you think the baby comes out of the mommy?

Little Monkey: Well, I fink da baby comes out of da mommy’s belly.

Me: [curiosity takes over] How does the baby come out of the mommy’s belly?

Little Monkey: Out of da wittle hole in our belly’s [referring to the belly button if you’re lost] of course!

Me: Oh, so it just walks out?

Little Monkey: No silly, it gets bigger and da baby just kinda pwops out! Like “PWOP!”

Me: Oh I see. Well, I guess some mommy’s have babies kinda like that…

Little Monkey: Yes dey do. Hey wook at dat cool car!

So there you have it folks, how babies are born according to a curious three year old. I was both amazed at her creativity and holding back laughter. I had a visual of a woman’s belly button dilating to 10 centimeters and then a baby just plopping out. Like a giraffe.


– gypsyjess.