am a younger, chubbier Liz Lemon.

It’s true. I’m way behind on my 30 Rock but during every episode I do watch, I’m constantly saying, out loud, “oh my gosh! I do that too!” or “Oh Liz, I totally get you.” or “I’m feeling your awkward moment pain.”

I hate the word “lover”. I also hate the phrase “making love”. More like “making me vomit.”

We awkward girls excel at many things. Sexy, not so much.

Yes. Everything.

Or a pizza?

– gypsyjess



I don’t know what I want. I know what I should want. But is it what I really want or just what I think I want based on what I’ve been told/taught.

Right now I want something else. Something different. I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help my thoughts and desires. Part of me feels like I’m missing out on something and will maybe regret not taking this path in the future. However, another part of me worries about how going down this path could affect my life and future, possibly negatively.

This is all so confusing. But such is life right?

So my question is, do I take the risk knowing that it may end badly, or do I take the safe path? Like I usually do.


– gypsyjess.


Well folks, I have come to a decision about college. I have decided to go back and get my teaching license!

I start in January 2012 and should finish sometime in late 2014 or early 2015.

I’m very excited about this journey of mine. I wish I had decided to stay in education but there must be a reason why it happened this way.

Wish me luck on my journey!

– gypsyjess.