This weeks Throwback Thursday is my senior picture!

Circa 2003 – Age 18. Rockin’ the rugby jersey and rugby ball. GO WHAMSTERS!

My friend saw this and exclaimed “YOU LOOK 12! THERE’S NO WAY THAT IS YOUR SENIOR PICTURE!”
Yes, yes it is.

– gypsyjess.



A few of my favourite clips from the movie “Bridesmaids”. Sorry about the poor quality and random laughing people in the backgrounds.

– gypsyjess.


Monday was my first day of school. I have class on M W & F. So far so good. I’m taking 12 credits this semester. I was going to take 15 but I’m taking 3 history classes and 1 geography class. Which means a LOT of memorization. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself so I took it easy again.

“First day of school! First day of school!” – Nemo

Yesterday I was 15 minutes late to my first class. I hate being late. I always leave at the same time everyday. I allow myself 1hr and 15min to drive the 40min to Cbus. But due to construction and idiot drivers who can’t read simple road sides, I was late. My professor was cool about it much to my surprise and delight. I think I was more upset than he was.

I’m one of those weird, nerdy people who likes to be at least 10 minutes early to class. Mostly because I want a good seat.

In other news, I have the most adorable niece and nephew ever.

Don’t argue with me. I have proof.

Super Thomas!

I love her face. This is a classic Emma face. She get’s her awesomeness from her aunt. Of course.

I’m going up to visit them in a couple weeks. I miss them so much.

I just finished chapter 3 of the book!!!!!!


I apologize for not writing about it in detail yet. I’m trying to decide if I want to do a chapter by chapter review or do a topic by topic review. The first few chapters so far cover similar things which is why I’m debating.

I promise I will review soon! Don’t hate me!

I am an assistant coach for a volleyball team at the YMCA and tonight was our first practice.

My good friend coaches (coach’s???) her daughters team and needed an assistant. She chose me based on my expert experience in coaching. Or she just couldn’t find anyone else in such short notice…I prefer the first one. I mean, I do have like 8 years of coaching experience. Granted it’s in rugby. And with high schoolers. Not volleyball and 9 year olds. But still. Coaching is coaching. Right?

I prefer high schoolers. 9 year olds are crazy and loud and they don’t follow directions very well and I can’t just yell “go take a lap!” when they don’t listen to my instruction. It’s definitely going to be a challenge. But it’s a lot of fun so far. The kids are cute and they get so excited when they do something right. Lots of squealing and jumping up and down.

Wish me luck!

– gypsyjess.

P.S. I just realized, after reviewing my post, that I suck at transitions. I’m sorry. This is honestly how my brain thinks so bear with me. That is all.


I made it home safely from Georgia. I’m sure you were all worried.

Here is a photo-log of my trip there:

“Good bye Ohio!”

Hello, Kentucky!

Best part about road trips: JUNK FOOD!

I fell in love with Ale8 while I was attending college in KY. I’ve missed it.

Are you from Tennessee? Cuz you’re the only Ten-I-See!

This is my “I’m-sad-and-lonely-and-sick-of-driving-all-alone” face.


My visit was wonderful. I spent most of the time cuddling a teeny tiny babe (when I say teeny tiny, I mean teeny tiny. At 1 month she is just over 7lbs. Babies in my family don’t come this small!). It was perfection.

I also hit up my favourite food joints that I was introduced to last year. I was going to take photos of the delicious food but I ate it all before I remembered. I did however, take a photo of the giant pizza we got.

That’s a 30-inch pizza!

It’s from a place called “Big Pie in the Sky”. It was featured on Man vs. Food: Atlanta. Food won.

It was great just relaxing and spending time with my Friend. I’ve missed her. We reminisced about college, had a few slap-happy laugh fests, and spent an entire day watching Disney Original/Princess movies. A tradition we started many years ago. Besides Emma, she’s the only person I watch them with. It was wonderful.

Here are a few pictures of the beautiful Miss Autumn:

Snug as a bug in her carseat.

Snuggling with her new best friend. Me.

Good Morning Cuteness!

So little. So perfect.

So. Much. Hair.


I gave her a mohawk. Mama bear was not happy with me.

Autumn thought it was cool.

Best Friends!

She would pull her bow over her eyes a lot when she slept. It was funny.

Goodbye, Jessi. I’ll miss you!

Isn’t she adorable?

I miss her already. I won’t see her again until the end of October!

Oh I almost forgot. Here’s a picture of the lovely gift Autumn gave me:

Mmm…nothing like a shirt full of puke.

She’s so thoughtful.

I also tried biking while I was there.

If you’ve ever been to Georgia you know it’s nothing like Ohio. Ohio is flat. Georgia is not. My house is surrounded by flat fields full of corn and soybeans. Tricia’s house is surrounded by mountains.

I rode for a mere 8 minutes and made it halfway up two separate hills before I called it quits. Mind you, these hills were quite steep. I’m no geometrist, but I’d say there were at least 90 degrees. Maybe more. I could have maybe made them up the whole way if I were going faster but I’m not very comfortable going above 25mph on my bike and going down those steep hills, you get to going pretty fast. I’m pretty sure my brake pads were smoking by the time I hit the bottom. I started up the hill with only about 15mph of oomph to get me up it. Which was no where near enough. It was rough.

I felt like an idiot. All these nice Southern people waving at me and I’m huffing and struggling to pedal up these hills. Face red and full of sweat. Curses forming under my breath.


Big. Epic. Fail.

But hey, at least I tried and I know next year at this time, I WILL be able to get up those hills.

Thanks to this little book I’m reading.

More on that later. Hopefully I can finish chapter 1 (I’ve been a bit busy lately with babies, driving, and eating giant pizzas) tomorrow.

Until then, night ya’ll!


– gypsyjess.

P.S. I fixed my car when I got home from my trip. It wasn’t broken but Coil #6 was getting a bit old and needed replaced. I got a socket wrench set for my birthday from this really neat company. I decided to try them out. I’m so handy.

Here’s a shout out to Tomboy Tools!

P.S.S./P.P.S. While driving home from Georgia I passed a semi that had piglets as cargo. One in particular was feeling quite desperate:


Tomorrow I leave for Atlanta, GA.

9.5 hours in the car.


Just me, my music, and my thoughts.

I’m not exactly overjoyed at the thought. I am however, excited about driving through certain places.

A few of the major cities I will drive through are:

Cincinnati, OH

Lexington, KY

Knoxville, TN

Chattanooga, TN

I’ve been to Cinci-nasty, as we say here in Mville, a bunch of times so I’m not too excited about that. The others, however, I’m pretty excited about. Depending on how well I’m doing on time I may stop and explore a bit. Either tomorrow (urm, today since it’s 1:30am 1:50am) or on the way back. I’m taking my Nikon so I’m hoping to get some nice shots.

It’s 1:30am 1:50am. Tomorrow I have to get an oil change (it was closed by the time I got off work today), hit the bank, and top off my gas tank. Then my journey will officially begin.

Wish me luck!

Hopefully by 9pm I will be in GA holding this beautiful little girl (I call her “The Cuteness”):

Isn’t she beautiful! I can’t wait to cuddle with her and become her new best friend.

And catching up with my long-lost bff. Here’s a few picture of us in college when we were just two crazy kids out on our own for the first time:

Classic Jessi and Tricia pose. YES!

I think this is one of the first pics we have together. From 2004 I believe.


Classic Jessi face. Complete with red eyes.


I still have that coat. It’s my favourite.

Pretty (Tricia did my make-up. Pretty much the only time I wear make-up is when she does it for me).

Tricia kissing my King Tut pen. Yes, I have a King Tut pen. It was awesome.

A more serious pose. One of my all-time favourites though.

And now she’s a wife and mummy. Where does the time go? It seems like just yesterday we were two college kids unsure of we wanted out of life. Playing “Mission Impossible” with the security guards after curfew.

Life goes by fast my friends.

“Fast like Bolt!” As Emma would say.

Good night friends. Sweet dreams.

– gypsyjess.


So today I splurged on myself. But it’s a splurge that I know I won’t regret (like I usually do) because I will get a lot of use out of it AND it will help me get in shape and cycle better!



Aren’t they beautiful!

Now I just need to figure out how to put the clips in them and use them without killing myself! I’ve heard horror stories of people falling many times and with as clumsy as I am…*gulp*.

Now I feel like a “real” cyclist. Move over Bradley Wiggins!

Just kidding. I will never be as good as him! Nor would I want to. I’m not that dedicated.

In other news, my foot still hurts. Surprise. My friend thinks I may have fractured my toe. She told me to go get it x-rayed and checked out. I asked her what the doctor would do if it were fractured. She said they’d tell you to rest it and probably put it in one of those really cool looking shoes. I told her I don’t have that kind of money to get some fancy picture of my foot taken and to be told something I already know.

Doctors are overrated sometimes.

So I “promised” her I wouldn’t cycle for a few days (which is torture) and I would try and prop it up as much as possible. Thankfully, because I nanny, I am able to sit on my butt a lot. With the exception of walking to Subway for lunch, we sat around and watched movies all day.

Random fact about myself. I have not been sick, with the exception of seasonal allergies and of course my stomach issues, since January 2011.

My secret?

I don’t load myself up with drugs at the slightest cough, I don’t use hand sanitizer every time I touch something, and I let myself be exposed to some germs/illness. My immune system is super tough. I substitute teach and a lot of my subbing is done in the Special Needs rooms. Special Needs kids = snotty noses and being sneezed on. A lot. Sounds gross but even spending an entire year being on a college campus and in the classroom, I am exposed to all kinds of sicknesses. None of which I have gotten.

I’m also German. Which means I’m super tough. And I’m Australian. Which means I’m super cool.

Moving on.

I am now going to go finish my brownie, listen to some new “The Killers” music, and figure out how to put my clips on my shoes.

Enjoy the following video of my new favourite “The Killers” song:

Auf wiedersehen und gute nacht!

– gypsyjess.


I got the book today.

“Ride Your Way Lean” by Selene Yeager, aka: Fit Chick.

I’m excited to start the book but a bit nervous about the work involved.

This is how I feel about the book:


Wish me luck!

– gypsyjess.