A list of things that always make me smile. No matter what mood I’m in.

  1. Getting into a car warmed by the sun on a cold winter day.
  2. The sound of crunching leaves.
  3. “Harvest” scented candle.
  4. Little Monkey (my niece)
  5. When someone asks “wanna go see a movie?”.
  6. The store, World Market.
  7. Hot showers on a cold day.
  8. Snow.
  9. Greek pizza.
  10. The exhausted yet invigorating feeling after a long, hard workout.
  11. Cream soda.
  12. My family.
  13. Being buried under a pile of blankets when it’s cold outside.
  14. Snow days.
  15. Friends.
  16. Changing into pajamas after work.
  17. Rainbow chip frosting.
  18. Going a day without getting a stomach ache.
  19. Cooking.
  20. Going to church.
  21. The song “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls.
  22. Rewatching movies I loved as a kid.
  23. Good hair days.
  24. Taking pictures.
  25. Being creative.
  26. Better Homes & Gardens magazine.
  27. Holding a baby.
  28. Teaching.
  29. Knowing that I finally found out what I want to be “when I grow up”.
  30. Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.
  31. Finally taking off your bra at the end of the day. Ahhh.
  32. Oversized pajama/sweatpants.
  33. Hoodies.
  34. Gum boots [Rain boots in America].
  35. Using fresh ingredients when I cook.
  36. The music of: Adele, Billie Holiday, Simon & Garfunkel, and Missy Higgins [and many more but those are my current top four].
  37. Interior design.
  38. Jesus.
  39. Being told by students that I’m “cool” for wearing Chucks at school.
  40. Dr. Seuss.
  41. Fall.
  42. Winter.
  43. Thanksgiving.
  44. Christmas.
  45. Playing “Trivial Pursuit” with my extended family during the holidays. Then arguing about the answers for twenty minutes.
  46. Jeopardy.
  47. The look on a kids face when they finally “get it” after struggling for so long.
  48. This Song.
  49. My bed.
  50. Winter coats, hats, scarves, and mittens/gloves.
  51. Sledding.
  52. Building snowmen.
  53. Airports.
  54. Traveling.
  55. People watching.
  56. Conversations with Boo Bear [my little brother].
  57. DIY projects.
  58. Bungalow Houses.
  59. Farms.
  60. Sitting outside around the campfire on a cool fall evening and all you hear is the crackling of the fire, the crickets and the wind.
  61. The smell of Johnson & Johnson’s Lavender Baby Wash.
  62. Fist bumps.
  63. High fives.
  64. Secret handshakes.
  65. Getting a massage.
  66. Cool summer nights.
  67. Camping.
  68. Riding my bicycle.
  69. Coaching rugby.
  70. Nacho Libre.
  71. Drawing.
  72. Colouring with my niece.
  73. Listening to my niece tell a story.
  74. The Zoo Lights.
  75. Laying out under the stars.
  76. Traveling to new places.
  77. Finding shapes in the clouds.
  78. The moon.
  79. Learning a new random fact.
  80. Sharing new random facts.
  81. Bowling with friends.
  82. Cherry blossoms.
  83. Rewatching TV shows I loved as a kid.
  84. Claire de Lune by Debussy.
  85. Happy memories.
  86. When Emma says, “My Jessi” when referring to me.
  87. Swedish Fish.
  88. Seeing deer run in an open field.
  89. Memories of Germany 2011.
  90. Kids.
  91. Cooking for people.
  92. Maximus the Horse from Tangled.
  93. Dachshunds.
  94. Flea Markets and Antique Stores.
  95. Documentaries.
  96. The road trip we take to Rochester every year at Thanksgiving.
  97. Chris Farley.
  98. Airports.
  99. The Dude (my nephew).
  100. Learning.

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